[Samba] LDAP, tdbsam, and profiles

Peter Matulis petermatulis at yahoo.ca
Thu Apr 19 12:06:11 GMT 2007

I have a new PDC ready to replace an older one (which is using LDAP
locally).  The new one will be using tdbsam.

I plan to first change LDAP on the existing system to the tdbsam
backend and ensure proper functioning.  I understand I can use the
pdbedit tool to make this change.  Comments?

At this point I would like to ask how profiles (which will be stored
locally on the clients) will be affected by logging on to the
subsequently new PDC.  The docs say that I need to import data from the
old system to the new (again using pdbedit) but if the current system
uses the backend only for authentication why does this need to be done?
 How does the backend influence local profiles?

Thanks for any advice or comments.

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