[Samba] Drag and Drop and Crash

Jim Summers jsummers at cs.ou.edu
Wed Apr 18 18:45:06 GMT 2007

Hello List,

This looks like it is beginning to happen more frequently.  Unfortunately I do 
not have a test machine to work with.  I was able to get mine resoved by doing 
a Windows Repair.  The repair option found after the installer has located an 
installed windows.  You can press 'r' and it seems to simply copy files from 
the cd to the disk.  User accounts, most of the registry settings seem intact. 
  Will need to re-apply patches though.


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I am wondering if either you or Thomas were able to shed any additional
light upon this issue. Yesterday I built up a new XP install, installed
all available MS updates, except KB925902.
We also use Symantec AV + client firewall so of course I installed that
as well. Late yesterday afternoon I gave the user his new laptop.
Today the user was experiencing the same problem where the machine would
crash and reboot after trying to save a file located on the rhel 4
Again I reinstalled winxp sp2 and this has fixed the problem.
Looking at the event logs before the crash I noticed a lot of activity
from Symantec services stopping and starting - not sure if this would be
part of the cause.
This issue is perplexing and time consuming to fix!
I am wondering if there was another recent MS update that is causing
Symantec to crash the pc? As this problem has only occurred within the
last few weeks.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

Rhiannon Henning * Network Administrator * SunGard iWORKS *

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This is becoming an interesting problem.  The user of the affected
machine I
was dealing with was in dire need of it working.  I ended up using the
option from the install cd and when that finished and the user logged in

everything worked.  So at this point I am unsure as to what the cause
is.  We
also are running the dreaded Symantec AV.  If I get another machine that
pops up on then hopefully I can have the time to try and isolate the

Thanks again for the info.


Thomas McNeely wrote:
> Hi Jim,
> The Samba listserv rejected this post, so I'm sending it to you 
> directly. Feel free to try posting it to the listserv if you like, as 
> you did for Rhiannon.
> -----
> We also have this problem. We are using Samba 3.0.23d and 3.0.24, both

> installed from source code (as opposed to the packages that come with 
> the operating system), running on Slackware Linux 10.2 and 9.1, 
> respectively. The problem first appeared for us on April 5th. Our 
> servers had been running fine with no changes since Christmas when the

> problem first appeared.
> The problem manifests as a sudden workstation reboot (without proper 
> shutdown) when users do most any kind of write operation to a Samba 
> share - copying, renaming, or saving files. The affected workstations
> not have a problem performing these operations on Microsoft servers - 
> just Samba. Elsewhere on our campus is a Solaris server (unknown 
> version) running an unknown version of Samba that does not have this 
> problem. I'll try to get more info about this.
> There is considerable variation among the workstations exhibiting the 
> problem - different generations of hardware, some are domain members
> others not, some are logged into Novell and other not. At this point I

> think all the affected workstations run the Novell Client, but that 
> thought just now came to me and I haven't experimented with it yet.
> affected workstations have been running Windows XP with SP2.
> We have definitely determined that a key cause of this problem is 
> Symantec AntiVirus. We can induce and cure the problem at will by 
> installing or removing Symantec, and we've done so many times now. I 
> don't have the version info available right now; I'll try to get it
> Although the timing with regard to MS patch KB925902 is extremely 
> suspicious, we haven't been able to experimentally establish any 
> correlation with that patch. We haven't ruled out that it could be a 
> contributing factor though.
> Tom McNeely
> Western Washington University Libraries

Jim Summers
School of Computer Science-University of Oklahoma
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Jim Summers
School of Computer Science-University of Oklahoma

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