[Samba] wbinfo on a PDC

Julian Pilfold-Bagwell jpb at bordengrammar.kent.sch.uk
Tue Apr 17 17:22:08 GMT 2007


My situation is that I have a PDC with LDAP and samba and a member 
server with samba/winbind. I can get a full NT user and group listing 
from the member server using  wbinfo but the PDC returns the error message.

Both give the same results when getent passwd and group are run and net 
groupmap list produces identical groupmaps but the shares on the member 
are inaccessable from client PCs.

All I really need to know is whether wbinfo -u & -g will produce a list 
or users or groups on the PDC if it is correctly functioning or whether  
the fact that it's a PDC makes wbinfo redundant. Is the failure to 
produce a list a fault or a feature ;)



Marc Muehlfeld wrote:
> Hi,
> simo schrieb:
>> On domain controllers it will not return anything except trusted domains
>> accounts if you have any trust set up.
> What is the reason behind this?
> I have two domains and the users of both domains have to access shares on
> each other DC. When I start winbind on one PDC, I have the accounts of the
> other domain on it. But then my local accounts aren`t working again (ldap
> backend).
> On member server I have the accounts of both domains.
> Any way to configure this?
> Regards
> Marc

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