[Samba] Resharing a Remotely Mounted CIFS share

Clayton cbuss at les.com
Mon Apr 16 16:18:29 GMT 2007


I am attempting to configure a SAMBA server to act as a "gateway" server 
and am having some issues.  Any assistance or clarification would be 
greatly appreciated.

Our company has need to connect to remote CIFS server, running SAMBA, 
hosted by a remote company.  To do this, I am attempting to mount the 
remote share to a local server and then reshare this back out to our 
user base.

The local server is running Fedora 6 and SAMBA version 3.0.24.  I can 
successfully mount and access the remote share on the local server.  I 
can successfully share another directory on the local server.  I cannot 
access the share that publishes mounted remote directory.  When I 
attempt to access the reshared directory (from a local client to our 
local server), I receive an "invalid directory" error.  I have checked 
my permissions, etc. and all seem in order.  I can browse the reshared 
directory from a Linux client, but cannot access the files.

This is something I was successful in doing utilizing a remote NFS 
share.  Utilizing a local client directly to the remote share is 
successful, but not a valid solution.

Firstly, is this possible?  If it is, are there any suggestions as to 
what I may be missing or doing wrong?  Any assistance you maybe able to 
give to me is greatly appreciated.  Thank you.


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