[Samba] Samba 3.0 and XP roaming profiles

C.Scheeder samba at scheeder.de
Mon Apr 16 07:09:34 GMT 2007

Ups, forgot something:

with the script in /var/samba/netlogon and named like the user,
in smb.conf you need this:

#this path is relative to the root of the netlogon-share
logon script = %U.bat	

path= /var/samba/netlogon

Hi all, the share, subdirs and script have to be readable and executable
to the "guest" user.
The netlogon-share gets mapped by guest, not the user.
Then windows looks for the logonscript in there and if it can execute it
as guest.

Dennis McLeod schrieb:
> I haven't done this, so I don't really know.
> If the script is named "user1", would windows know what to do with it?
> Shouldn't it be "user1.bat"? (assuming it's a batch file.)
> If so, shouldn't it say:
> path= /var/samba/netlogon/%U.bat
> In the netlogon section?
> Again, I haven't tried it, so I'm just guessing....
> Dennis
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> Hi,
> I dont have samba with LDAP.
> I took out "\scripts\" part from logon script part in GLOBAL settings. ALso
> I created a script for a particular test user (script name is same as login
> name). I stored that script under /var/samba/netlogon/. Permissions were
> also set so that this user can read/write/Execute, plus the ownership was
> also changed.
> I tried loggin as this user to test the script but nothing was mapped. I
> think the script failed. Can you think of any reason? I even restarted my
> samba services.
> Thanks,
> Gigs
> Wolfgang Ratzka wrote:
>> contact_mahajan schrieb:
>>> Also regarding my logon script, my smb.conf fille says like this:
>>> [GLOBAL]
>>> ......
>>> logon script = scripts\login.bat
>>> .....
>>> [netlogon]
>>> ...
>>> path= /var/samba/netlogon/%U
>>> ....
>> This definition is trying to be subtle by defining a per-user-netlogon 
>> share, as %U expands to the session user name. Normally you will not 
>> want to do this, so you will strip off the "/%U" and simply put your 
>> login scripts below /var/samba/netlogon. (Permissions should of course 
>> be so that everyone can read and only admins can write.) The logon 
>> script parameter is a (windows) path relative to the netlogon 
>> directory. There is no need to put those in a subdirectory. (Sou you 
>> can do away with the "scripts\" part...) You should note that the 
>> logon script parameter in the [global] section can be overridden by 
>> per-user-settings in ldap (if you are using ldap).
>> Kind regards
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