[Samba] Problems sharing HP Officejet 6210 Linux --> XP

1arrybarnett lb99999999 at aol.com
Sun Apr 15 22:59:24 GMT 2007


Another weekend shot, and nothing to show for it. I must say, this system is
really not ready for primetime.

I explored the whole print$ share issue and attempted to load my XP drivers
into it. This effort came acropper because of the following things that
didn't work:

Attempting to load drivers using the Windows Add Printer Wizard


According to the Samba-HOWTO...

Installation of a valid printer driver is not straightforward. You must
attempt to view the printer properties for the printer to which you want the
driver assigned. Open Windows Explorer, open Network Neighborhood, browse to
the Samba host, open Samba's Printers folder, right-click on the printer
icon, and select Properties.... You are now trying to view printer and
driver properties for a queue that has this default NULL driver assigned.
This will result in the following error message: “ Device settings cannot be
displayed. The driver for the specified printer is not installed, only
spooler properties will be displayed. Do you want to install the driver

...but it doesn't. All I get is an info page telling me the queue name and
host, with an ok and cancel button.

Attempting to load the drivers using rpcclient


The basic method suggested was:

1. Print out the printer test page on the windows box to get the list of
needed files.

Ok. I did this. It's a long list for the 6210.

2. Copy these files to the W32X86 subdirectory of the samba print$ share.

The suggested method assumed you already had the drivers on a L/Unix
workstation, since it involved using smbclient to copy the files. As it
happens, I have cygwin openssh on my laptop so I used that. Ok so far.

3. Run rpcclient adddriver to get the files in the right locations and tell
Samba about the new driver.

This didn't work. Here's my commandline:

rpcclient -d 4 -U'root%******' -c 'adddriver "Windows NT x86" \
hpof6212.dat 3' LINUXSERVER


Now for the latest catch-22. All of the examples I've seen regarding the
above command assume existence of a printer .PPD file describing the
printer; however, on Windows, the printer is described by a binary .DAT
file. I am confused. Do I need a PPD file that describes my windows dlls,
exes, etc? If so, what does such a file  Or do I need to download some
CUPS-specific windows drivers and use those instead of the HP-provided

My current status is that a) I can't load windows drivers into the samba
[print$] share. Absent those, when I try to connect to the Samba printer
from the windows client, it apparently succeeds, but all panels in the
printer properties are greyed out. Man, am I stuck!


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