[Samba] WINS gives wrong IP.

Nicolás Conde yomi at adinet.com.uy
Sat Apr 14 14:02:08 GMT 2007

    Hello list members.
    I have a curious problem with Samba 3.0.20 on Slackware 11.
    This net has 7 PCs and 6 of them "run" WinME. I have activated WINS 
support on the GNU/Linux/Samba server. When I do

> ping servidor

on a WinME box, it pings to, which is the "oficina2" (WinME) 
box not "servidor" (Slackware). I've looked at the wins.dat file and 
found this: SERVIDOR has 3 entries, each one of them has as 
the first IP address followed by; which is wrong because 
I've set up the only ethernet adapter in "servidor" as and 
"oficina2" with
    I don't use DNS, /etc/hosts has correct values for <name> <IP> 
pairs. Please help me with this one because I can't solve this on my own.
    Thanks in advance.-

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