[Samba] Can upload but can't delete how ?

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Fri Apr 13 18:16:40 GMT 2007

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Stanislav Nedelchev wrote:

> Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
>> Stanislav Nedelchev wrote:

>>>> Hi to all ,
>>>> Is there a way to make this with samba possible .
>>>> User can save files to share but can't delete the files only user with
>>>> special right can delete  files.
>> See "inherit owner" in smb.conf(5).  But if you can write to
>> a file you can truncate it to 0 bytes so the delete permission
>> is a little misleading.
> Yes but you can't delete involuntarily some file over the network . i
> read the manual but i can;t find how to use inherit owner.
> Any suggestion are welcome.

Something like this should work (for accounts that belong
to the "users" group):

  $ mkdir /data/dontdelete
  $ chmod 1770 /data/dontdelete
  $ chown root /data/dontdelete
  $ chgrp users /data/dontdelete

   path = /data/dontdelete
   inherit owner = yes
   inherit permissions = yes

cheers, jerry
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