[Samba] Samba PDC, WinXP and home shares...

smith-brandon at comcast.net smith-brandon at comcast.net
Fri Apr 13 14:33:02 GMT 2007


I’ve been trying to find a resolution to a problem I’ve been having with users home shares.

I have the latest version of samba (3.0.24) configured as a PDC with Windows XP client computers. Right now everything is very small scale and I am just doing setup and testing to see how things go. I’m mostly setup now and authenticating correctly, have a working print queue, etc. etc. but something weird is going on with my home shares…

Basically, I log in (to winxp client) as user1 and browse to my server (\\servername) and I see my shares, which right now consist of the users home, a public folder and the one print queue. So I log off this user and log in as user2. I browse to my server again and this time I see all the normal stuff, but I also still see user1’s home share. Now, I have setup the permissions correctly, because I can’t get into it, but the fact that I am seeing it is what bothers me…

If I stop and start the samba services and refresh my view the share disappears and everything looks normal; but this only lasts until the next user logs in again.


 Any ideas?

 Thanks in advance,


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