[Samba] w2k3 memberserver as terminal server in samba domain

Torsten Geile geile at oekonet-bremen.de
Wed Apr 11 08:54:05 GMT 2007


we are using a samba domain which is distrubuted by UCS 
(ww.univention.de). A w2k3 Server RC2 is configured as a memerserver. 
Authentication on its resources controlled by samba via ldap is 
functional. Right now we have the Problem of getting members to logon to 
that  server using terminal services . I created a group in which all 
domain users are gathered who should have access. This group is member 
of the local group "remote desktop users" on the terminal server, but 
when trying to connect with one of these account, access is denied. Only 
members of domain\domain admins are allowed to log on.

At this moment I am not quite sure if this is a samba problem, or a 
microsoft one. I have set level of security to the least on the terminal 
server and it does seem that there could be any restrictions preventing 
the tsuser group from logging on to that server. I am aware, that the 
domain controller is not a samba pdc with ldap out of the box. The 
server is based on Debian and the manufacturer of that product has made 
several changes to it. I have allready posted problem on their forum, 
but think that this mailing list might also a good start to gather some 
information on how to solve that problem.

Maybe somebody here could point me to the right path.

Regards, Torsten

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