[Samba] net rpc vampire umlauts (äöüß) problem

Stefan Drees s_drees at arcor.de
Wed Apr 11 20:54:05 GMT 2007

I changed the charset to UTF8, but nothing changes.
Smbldap-usershow shows me the malformed umlauts,
with ldapsearch i get "displayname:: Qs19dnttIFRidKxlej==".

I tried to change unix charset to UTF8, ISO8859-1, ISO8850-15,
but the displayname doesn`t change.

I also changed the locales to UTF-8, UTF-8 at euro, de_DE, de_DE at euro,
but the displayname doesn´t change, too. net rpc vampire ignores the

Any other ideas?


Wolfgang Ratzka schrieb:
> Stefan Drees schrieb:
>> Hi,
>> im using net rpc vampire to migrate users/ groups from nt4 to samba3
>> with ldap backend.
>> But the umlauts (äöüß) in the displayname are malformend.
>> Unix charset in smb.conf is set to ISO8859-1.
>> Any hint how to correct this?
>> Regards
>> S.Drees
> Did you consider switching your unix charset from ISO8859-1 to UTF-8?
> Windows does allow unicode characters in file names and in other places.
> Translating them to ISO8859-1 will not always work.
> Kind regards
> Wolfgng Ratzka

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