[Samba] Any pointers for multiple subnets?

Mark Adams mark at campbell-lange.net
Wed Apr 11 11:21:03 GMT 2007

> With this setup, some things work as desired. I am able to connect to 
> (Email server) from after setting my linux box 
> as the gateway. Vice versa, I am able to connect to (Email 
> server) from by setting (my linux box's IP on 
> outside LAN).
> I am beginning to think so far so good. But, Windows networking does  
> not follow suit. I am not able to browse the network when these settings 
> are active.
> What gives? My guess is I will be castigated for rushing with an email 
> before reading the Archives.
> But hope springs eternal. Regards,
> Nandan

Can you browse to \\ip.of.samba.box and see the shares?

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