[Samba] Drag and Drop and Crash

Jim Summers jsummers at cs.ou.edu
Tue Apr 10 19:49:03 GMT 2007

Hello List,

I am running a 3.0.24 server on redhat EL4.  I have a user that has mapped a 
drive to his home directory on the server.  When he copies a file from the 
share to a local disk location, desktop for example, it goes just fine.  When 
he attempts to copy / move / cut and paste a file from one location on the 
share to another location in the same share, it will literally crash his local 
machine and it reboots.  Other users can do the same no problems.  He can map 
to a different samba server and is able to copy a file within that share.

I am suspecting some corrupt file entry or possibly something strange in the 
registry not sure.  I have looked in his home directory and do not see any 
thing out of the ordinary.

Ideas / Suggestions?

Many Thanks
Jim Summers
School of Computer Science-University of Oklahoma

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