[Samba] Backup Domain Controller

Jason Baker jbaker at glastender.com
Tue Apr 10 17:21:48 GMT 2007

On a related note. How do I know if my BDC is actually working? I am 
able to run getent passwd and see all the correct users (even with the 
BDC disconnected to the network) and if I add a new user it shows up on 
the BDC, but how do I know that the machines on my network are using the 
BDC? How does load balancing work, are the workstations only sent to the 
BDC is the PDC is "too busy"? Is there a tool available to monitor the 
way the network load balances? Maybe I could use Wireshark to watch 
network traffic and see the authentication requests. Just curious.

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On 4/10/2007 11:54 AM, Wolfgang Ratzka wrote:
> Jason Baker schrieb:
>> I created a BDC for my network, running a slave LDAP server. Do I need
>> specify the same workgroup as the PDC in the smb.conf? I was thinking
>> I'd put it on a different workgroup just for organizational purposes.
> The workgroup name serves as the domain name if you are running your samba
> servers as domain controlers. A BDC must have the same domain name as the PDC,
> so the answer is "no".
> Once you start with PDCs and BDCs you must stop thinking of workgroups. You have
> a domain.

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