[Samba] net rpc vampire umlauts (äöüß) problem

Filipe napalmd at gmail.com
Tue Apr 10 10:42:25 GMT 2007

Stefan Drees wrote:
> Hi,
> im using net rpc vampire to migrate users/ groups from nt4 to samba3
> with ldap backend.
> But the umlauts (äöüß) in the displayname are malformend.
> Unix charset in smb.conf is set to ISO8859-1.
> Any hint how to correct this?
> Regards
> S.Drees
in my debian sarge I followed this tutorial for portuguese... 
He says to put locales in iso8859-1 then to compile the kernel with some 
options for that, but I have not did that and it worked by adding this 
to smb.conf:

dos charset = cp850
unix charset = iso8859-1
display charset = LOCALE

now you should change for your locale I don't know if it is the same in 

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