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Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Thu Apr 5 21:43:33 GMT 2007

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dtylman at gmail.com wrote:

> I am interested in implementing the 'createservice()' functionality
> using the RPC protocol. I need this functionality badly, and I
> understand it is not implemented.

> I understand vaguely how this should be working and found 
> some documentation,
> here: http://www.hsc.fr/ressources/articles/win_net_srv/
> here:http://www.hsc.fr/ressources/articles/win_net_srv/
> well_known_named_pipes.html
> and here: http://www.hsc.fr/ressources/articles/win_net_srv/msrpc_srvsvc.html.

Also look at the svcctl.ild definition in SAMBA_4_0.


> I guess the issue here is to use the same method used 
> in the 'net' command ('net.c' - util) and try to call
> the rpc-client with just different parameter as
> the above mentioned links state.
> I don't have much experience in samba programming and I 
> need to know:
> (a) how complicate is that? should it be an easy task?
> (b) I need some starting point.
> (of course - if this is already implemented somewhere, i would 
> be glad to know!)

It's not too hard.  Look at

You'll need to do a few things.

* Add request/reply  structures to include/rpc_svcctl.h
* Add the parsing functions to rpc_parse/parse_svcctl
* Add the client function to rpc_client/cli_svcctl.c
* Add in the new command to net_rpc_service.c

Start by looking at how the existing service management
calls are implemented and then start adapting that to the
new call.  All make sure you have a current release of
wireshark to anaylze the traffic and make sure that
parsing functions are doing the right thing.  Might even be
good idea to get comfortable with the trafiic between
two windows servers while playing with the Service Control
MMC plugin.

Hope this helps get you started.

cheers, jerry
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