[Samba] Linux SMB Browser

Robert Steinmetz AIA rob at steinmetznet.com
Thu Apr 5 19:48:44 GMT 2007

I'm working on a desktop migration project. I am planning on using 
Xubuntu for the Operating system, with the usual Linux desktop 
applications (Seamonkey, Openoffice, Gimp, Inkscape, Scribus ect.)

I've been looking for a user land smb browser, similar to Microsoft 
Network Neighborhood. I want Linux users to be able to browse and mount 
shares from Windows or Samba servers.

I have looked at several and non of the ones I've found ultimately use 
mount which is root access only. I'm wondering if there isn't a user 
program which would allow the users to mount share after being validated.

Solaris has the mnt user command which can do this. But I'm really 
looking for a GUI.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Robert Steinmetz, AIA
Steinmetz & Associates

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