[Samba] Annoying behavior in Windows

Hai Nguyen hai.scrub at gmail.com
Thu Apr 5 18:10:52 GMT 2007


I've tried googling for this but, I don't think I know the proper terms 
to track down the answer...so I was hoping to get some help from here. I 
have a Linux system serving up Samba to some Windows and Macs clients. I 
have a series of directories that are marked as read only on the server. 
However, their content is not. Every now and then a Windows user will 
accidentally drag one of the read only directories somewhere. Windows 
will create a directory in the destination with the read only 
directory's name and start moving the contents of the read only 
directory into the destination. Once it's finished moving all the 
content, it tries delete the read only directory itself. But it can't, 
since it's locked from the server.


Is there a way that I can make Windows stop doing this or a 
configuration option I can set in Samba that prevents Windows from doing 

Also, this doesn't happen on Mac OS X - so I would be inclined to say 
it's an issue with Windows...but I could be wrong...


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