[Samba] Samba - LDAP - Kerberos

Jörg Herzinger Bowser at physik.htu.at
Thu Apr 5 12:35:03 GMT 2007

> Like Kerberos, Samba needs the password-equivilant values, or some other
> process that will perform the same calculations on them (like a DC for a
> member server).  There isn't any way around that.  Interestingly Heimdal
> 0.8 includes code to do this in the KDC (we don't have a client for this
> yet, but it is a very interesting move).  

> Andrew Bartlett

Ok, I see the problem now. Since i am in a small network sending unencrypted 
passwords would'nt be a problem and when samba has the cleartext password
authenticating via PAM or anything else should'nt be a problem, right?

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