[Samba] Issue with pam_winbind for MS AD authentication and moduleoptions

Andre Fernando Goldacker samba at teka.com.br
Thu Apr 5 11:02:31 GMT 2007


Thanks for your reply!
As you said that you have a similiar issue, I think you can achieve this
with pam_winbind module as well, with the cached_login option set and
with  "winbind offline logon" enabled in your smb.conf file if I'm correct.

In both cases, I can't think of how it could work when you have for
example two usernames with the same name in ad and linux but with
different passwords.

Any ideas


Sebastian Knieschewski wrote:
> Hi,
> maybe this isn't exactly what you're looking for, but it could help you:
> "pam_ccreds"
> cached credentials, this should give you full access to your server
> even if the ad-server is down. I haven't used this module yet. Just
> found it today while looking for a solution concerning a similar issue.
> Good luck!
> Sebastian Knieschewski

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