[Samba] Re: Use of cache_peer login=username:password

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Thu Apr 5 04:08:00 GMT 2007

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On Thu Apr  5  9:08 , "no-spam at people.net.au"  sent:

>I'm running squid 2.6.11 on FreeBSD with a parent cache that requires
>authentication in order to access any web sites.
>It's been suggested to us by the department that runs the upstream cache that we
>can make some sites accessible without the client having to authenticate by
>getting our local squid to supply the username & password to the upstream cache
>for those sites.
>It users the cache_peer login= syntax.
>Unfortunately, the configuration they sent me doesn't work - I get the following
>error:"FATAL: ERROR: cache_peer xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx specified twice".
>Here is the relavent section of squid.conf (IP address, username & password have
>been removed!)
>#Define acl for all source addresses
>acl rest src
>#Define acl for proxy bypass addresses (squid does authentication for these)
>acl safe dstdomain "/usr/local/etc/squid/safe.conf"
>#Supply username & password for sites defined in safe.conf
>cache_peer xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx parent 8080 3130 default no-query login=username:password
>cache_peer_access xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx allow safe
>cache_peer_access xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx deny rest
>#Require authentication for all other sites
>cache_peer xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx parent 8080 3130 default no-query login=PASS
>cache_peer_access xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx deny safe
>cache_peer_access xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx allow rest
>Can anyone suggest a way to implement this that gets around the duplicate
>cache_peer problem?

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