[Samba] creating NTConfig.POL

Mike Petersen mgpeter at pcc-services.com
Wed Apr 4 16:13:44 GMT 2007

On Wed, 2007-04-04 at 09:58 -0500, Adam Williams wrote:
> I have an NTConfig.POL I created from poledit with the Windows 2000 
> Administrator toolkit.  It contains my WSUS configuration, and 
> NTConfig.POL is placed in my [netlogon] share and is being loaded fine 
> by the clients.  Is this still the propery way to create NTConfig.POL 
> files, or is there a newer utility I should be using?  I'm looking at 
> Vista and it uses .admx templates, which I guess aren't compatible with 
> the Windows 2000 poledit.exe I'm using.

Yes, that is the proper way to configure Policies until Samba supports

This summer I will probably create policy templates for Vista to be used
with the Policy Editor (they will be in .adm format).  Currently I have
a few custom templates for the Policy Editor available at:


I am in the process of updating them to include IE7 policies (among
other policies).  If you are in need of any policy that is not in these
templates, please let me know so I can add them as I update the

I have a working IE7 template at:


I have run into a few snags that look like they are simply bugs with IE7
and am trying to work with Microsoft to fix them (imagine that),
although I don't know if they will be fixed - I think I can create work
arounds that should be easy to implement if they aren't fixed.

Anyway, if you need any policies you can email me directly - as I want
to be finished with a new custom_policy template sometime this month.

Mike Petersen
mgpeter at pcc-services.com

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