[Samba] SambasSID with 1 ldap-server and 3 samba-servers

Markus Krause krause at biochem.mpg.de
Wed Apr 4 07:41:23 GMT 2007

hi list!

we are storing our user data in one central ldap database. to handle  
the big amount of data (some hundred terabytes) we are using currently  
3 samba servers (called cindy01, cindy02 and cindy03 , and more to  
come!) which (of course?) have diffrent SIDs. right now the  
credentials are stored in identical smbpasswd files on every samba  
server but we want to migrate wo ldap. the problem i see is that in  
ldap i can only store one SambaSID per user, so which SID should i  
take? the last part of the SambaSID (from unix uid) would be the same  
for all samba servers, but what about the leading part?
we do not need any domain controller functionality, our users just  
mount their samba shares. is it possible to use only on SID on all  
samba servers or what would be the side effects?

thanks in advance for any hints!


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