[Samba] dual-head patch from IDEALX / Master/Slave LDAP

Ruben Tato rubentato at yahoo.es
Tue Apr 3 14:03:57 GMT 2007


I'm trying to set up a master-slave LDAP-SAMBA configuration.
This is from smbldap.conf:

#Notes: to use to dual ldap servers backend for Samba, you must patch
# Samba with the dual-head patch from IDEALX. If not using this patch
# just use the same server for slaveLDAP and masterLDAP.

So ,is it enought with setting up the folowing directives in
smbldap.conf ? : 


Do I need that "dual-head patch from IDEALX" that I can't find? 

Shouldn't I too to set up the "replica" statement in sldapd.conf on the 
master server and the "upadtedn" statment in the slave ldap server?


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