[Samba] How to change SID in ntuser.dat?

Stefan Drees s_drees at arcor.de
Sun Apr 1 19:55:48 GMT 2007

i try to migrate user/groups from NT4 PDC to Samba3 with LDAP backend.
There is already an NIS-Server with Samba runing, so there exists two
I migrated the user/ groups from windows via net rpc vampire and
the UID´s from the NIS-Server but didn´t change the SID.
A teammate told me, there could be some access problems, if i don´t
change the SID.
So i tried to change the SID in ntuser.dat to produce a samba equal SID
(RID = 2xUID +1000).
/usr/bin/profiles dumps me only the reghive, but doesn´t change the SID.
I´m using Samba 3.0.24.

Any hints?

Stefan D.

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