[Samba] Access to admin shares on clients

Felipe Augusto van de Wiel felipe at paranacidade.org.br
Fri Sep 29 14:18:42 GMT 2006

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I thought I had answer this mail... sorry if it is duplicated.

On 09/25/2006 02:43 PM, Mike escreveu:
> Hello. With my installation of Samba I am thinking to use 
> remote client software installation. For this I need to
> have access to admin shares on clients: such as C$, D$,
> ADMIN$, etc.... This is where I have a problem.
> I can't access those shares using Domain Admin credentials 
> and I can't find any info on this anywhere in docs. Perhaps
> this task is not as common. Would anyone provide me with
> pointers on which setting do I need to tweek.

	You should use the Local Administrator for that type of
access, I have seen a lot of variations on that subject, but
usually, the Administrator of the workstation always work.

	You can find more information at Microsoft website and
MSDN, not that you are going to find lots of infinite information,
but at least a few tips. ;)

	And you don't need special setup, just point to the
workstation and share and give the right credentials.


> I am using:
> OS: Suse Linux Ent. Server 10.
> Samba: 3.# with LDAP Back End.
> Clients: Win 2000/XP
> Thanks in advance.

	Kind regards,

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