[Samba] extended ACLs and Samba

Felipe Augusto van de Wiel felipe at paranacidade.org.br
Fri Sep 29 13:06:48 GMT 2006

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On 09/26/2006 08:55 AM, Otmar Spoettel escreveu:
> Hi,

Hey Otmar,

> i've a Project share with many subfolders. In this subfolder many user
> have dedicated access rights to single files.
> Sometimes a project member change and the new one should get the same
> rights as the old one.
> But here is my problem. With the following line i can easy change the
> owner of files:
> find /samba/project -user oldid -exec chown newid {} ";"
> But i don't know how i can do this with users, they not owner of the
> file, but they have in the extended ACL a user:john:rwx entry
> How can i search the complete tree, find all files with a user entry and
> change this from oldid to new id?

	Hmmm... this is not exactly a Samba doubt, then it is a
little bit off-topic on this mail list. For this kind of setup
it's always advised to know in deep your scenario, my wild guess
is that you should use a role model.

	Instead of adding/removing your users you should define
some groups that you can add and remove people, it would make
your life easier and you don't need to scan the entire tree, and
you can set your ACLs per group.

> I tried somthing with getfacl and setfacl, but i'am to stupid to get it
> to run...

	That's another alternative, some C code or some scripting
could make it happen, but I think is a little bit of overengineer.

> Thanx
> Otmar

	Kind regards,

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