[Samba] Transfer rates faster than 23MBps?

Aaron Kincer kincera at gmail.com
Fri Sep 29 12:23:22 GMT 2006

Thought you might find this worth reading since it is on topic to this 


Mark Smith wrote:
> Mark Smith wrote:
>> Actually, setting SNDBUF and RCVBUF to 65536 from the default of 8192 
>> is what got me _TO_ 22MBps...
>> ...Ya know, I once tried increasing SNDBUF and RCVBUF to 256k but 
>> didn't see any difference.  I've also tried setting the kernel 
>> parameters to 256k, but never both at the same time.  Let me try that 
>> and see if it helps.
> Nope.   Just tried.  Same as always, about 22MBps.
> -Mark

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