[Samba] Change system/samba password via webmin

Dan Willis dannowwillis at comcast.net
Fri Sep 29 10:58:33 GMT 2006

I think Usermin is what you need, rather than webmin. You can limit 
the modules available to the user- probably Change Password is all 
that you would want. This will change the Unix and Samba passwords.

At 11:07 PM 9/28/2006, Ivan Arteaga wrote:
>Basically what I need is the windows users be able to change the unix/linux
>password because when I installed the server I defined the same username as
>I am running sendmail and samba(PDC) in the same box, so the system password
>is the same mail and windows domain pass. And I want to find an easy way for
>the users change the initial password for their own. I defined the users in
>the webmin as webmin users and gived them access to the /change system pass/
>option in the Samba module 'Configure automatic Unix and Samba user
>But it only changes the system pass, not the samba pass.
>Do you have any ideas?
>Thanks in advance ^^
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>Ivan Arteaga wrote:
> > Hi List,
> >
> > I need my users to change their passwords, so I defined them as webmin
> > and gived them access only to the system/change password option to do so.
> > far so good... they changed their system passwords (in order to access
> > email) but the change it's not reflected in samba passwords. I defined the
> > option change password in other modules in webmin but it doesn't works, I
> > also have in the smb.conf "unix password sync = yes" but the same.
> > I will appreciate if somebody can give me an idea about how to ride this,
> > maybe using another app? o_0
> >
> > Thanks in advance.
> >
> > --Ivan.
> >
>I'm not quite sure what you are asking. Assuming that when you say
>system password, you are referring to the Windows domain password, and
>when you say Samba password, you are referring to the Unix/Linux
>password, then one obvious place to check is password change dialog in
>smb.conf. It has to match what your Unix/Linux password program is doing
>(it use "expect" to get the passwd prompts and feed it the passwords).
>Otherwise, check the list archives. There have been a couple other
>similar problems recently that had different solutions.
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