[Samba] Change system/samba password via webmin

Gary Dale garydale at torfree.net
Fri Sep 29 10:23:03 GMT 2006

You don't have do any of that. Just enable unix password synchronisation 
in smb.conf. The normal Windows password change dialogue works with Samba.

And please, stop using terms like system pass and Samba pass. You have 
the Windows/Domain password and the Unix password. :)

Ivan Arteaga wrote:
> Hi,
> Basically what I need is the windows users be able to change the unix/linux
> password because when I installed the server I defined the same username as
> pass.
> I am running sendmail and samba(PDC) in the same box, so the system password
> is the same mail and windows domain pass. And I want to find an easy way for
> the users change the initial password for their own. I defined the users in
> the webmin as webmin users and gived them access to the /change system pass/
> option in the Samba module 'Configure automatic Unix and Samba user
> synchronization'
> But it only changes the system pass, not the samba pass.
> Do you have any ideas?
> Thanks in advance ^^
> --Ivan.

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