[Samba] Password Change On Windows

Gary Dale garydale at torfree.net
Thu Sep 28 22:44:37 GMT 2006

Volker Jahns wrote:
> Hi Community.
> I have at least just one short question. Is it possible to configure
> SAMBA in a way, that it notice the password change on Winn 2000 or Win
> XP system and adjust this password change in it's one password file
> without using LDAP or other password server?
> Thanks
> VJ

If your Samba server is the domain controller, then this is how it 
normally operates - just set Unix Password Sync on. If the Samba server 
is a member server, set the password server to the domain controller. I 
haven't done this myself with a server that also served up Unix/Linux 
accounts, but iI don't think it synchronises the Unix password in this 
mode. Perhaps one of the list's gurus can correct me on that.

The trick isn't in getting Samba to notice - it's that Samba, when 
acting as a domain controller, handles the Unix password change too. 
This is only necessary if your server is allowing Unix/Linux users to 
log on. For simple file and print services, all you need is the Windows 
password when Samba provides the services.

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