[Samba] windows AD member

Gary Dale garydale at torfree.net
Thu Sep 28 22:26:10 GMT 2006

Filipe Mota wrote:
> Gary Dale wrote:
>> Filipe Mota wrote:
>>> Hello all,
>>>  I have a big problem. I have samba 3.0.23c with ldap backend 
>>> configured. On the network, I have windows 2000, windows XP and one 
>>> windows 2003 as member of samba domain. Samba runs well until last 
>>> weeks when users start problems conectivity with the domain. After 
>>> some debug, I discover nmbd stop responding. When I run comand 
>>> smbclient to samba server, I have the following respons:
>>> session setup failed: Call timed out: server did not respond after 
>>> 20000 milliseconds
>>> If I restart samba, this work again for some time.
>>> First, I think that was appening because I have AD as member of 
>>> samba domain, so I put AD in a workgroup. During some days the 
>>> scenario works but today the problem come back.
>>> What can I do to solve this?
>>> thanks,
>> I think the basic idea is to recognize that computer software is 
>> written by humans and will contain errors. The source of the errors 
>> is not always obvious. Therefore system administrators live by the 
>> rule "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!"
>> The question is, what features do you need in your set up? Normally, 
>> a Linux distribution ships with an integrated set of software that is 
>> believed to be stable and to work together. You will get bug fixes 
>> and security updates for that distribution. You install more recent 
>> versions of software at your peril. On a production server, you 
>> should only do this if you need a feature that is not working in the 
>> version shipped with your distribution (whether it is not there or 
>> simply not working properly).
>> You have installed 3.0.23c, which is very recent. Nmbd is crashing 
>> probably because it doesn't work quite right with other software on 
>> your system. Unless you really need something that 3.0.23c provides, 
>> I would advise you to downgrade to the version that shipped with your 
>> distribution.
>> If you do need to run 3.0.23c, or if that is the version that shipped 
>> with your distribution, try setting the log level to 10 in smb.conf 
>> and see what results you get. Also, check the other logs to see if 
>> there some evidence of a problem.
> I'm using debian distro as operating system. Before I start to have 
> this problem, I haved samba 3.0.14 install from debian distro. 
> Everything working for almost 1 year. But I needed to change hardware 
> and I reinstalled my server with the same version. The problems start 
> at this time. I tried a lot of things to solve this problems, the last 
> one was upgrade samba. I tried to set log to level 10 and more but I 
> can see any thing. The only conclusion of my debug is when some one 
> try to access to AD server trhought samba, nmbd stop respond. But it 
> don't stop at the first connect. It's ramdom!! Very strange. I'm not 
> sure if problem is in samba server or in AD. I need to use AD server 
> because I have some aplication who need to be install on windows. 
> Could be a bug on samba, a virus, one of the aplication I use in AD? I 
> don't know...
> Does some one have an idea or a scenario like this one?
> Thanks,
Debian/Sarge is rock solid stable. You can measure server uptime in
years. I'm looking after several Debian/Sarge servers and have had no
problems with them. Of course, I'm not doing anything fancy - just
connecting a few workstations in SOHO settings. Still NMBD should not be

Have you considered the possibility that you may have a hardware
problem? Given that the problem persists over different versions of
Samba, it's either hardware or configuration. Can your post your
smb.conf and maybe I can find something in it. Also, check your disks
for errors and run memtest on your server. You may also want to track
down a CPU checker (don't ask me, but I'm sure someone sells one).

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