[Samba] Re: AIX Testers Needed.

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Thu Sep 28 13:50:33 GMT 2006

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Hi William,

> It would be really nice to have some more AIX machines in our build-farm!
>> How many? I'm adding 8 more CPUs and 16GB to our 560 Saturday (which is one
>> of many reasons my AIX patches are way behind)
>> I can create you a .4 entitled VIOC (presented as 2 VCPU with SMT, so 4
>> logical CPU) with 2 GB memory. How much disk does it need?

1GB free disk would be nice, but 2GB memory isn't needed 512MB would do
it really fine.

It would be nice to have each production release of AIX in the farm.

> Btw: the SAMBA_3_0 branch currently fails to build on AIX,
>> I fixed this a couple of times. :-)  You need "-bbigtoc" anywhere you do
>> linking (shared libs, execs, etc)

Ah, thanks! I somehow gets lost somewhere in samba3's configure after
it's added to DYNEXP, I'm debugging this currently.

>> http://build.samba.org/?function=View+Build;host=oehmesrs6k;tree=samba_3_0;compiler=cc
> the problem here is known, the pidl generated files are commited to the
> svn tree without using --uint-enums and the cc compiler rejects to
> compile enums with negative values...
>> Which cc compiler? I'll look it up.

I don't know, it's AIX 5.2

but with the --uint-enums flags it build fine on samba4...,
so we could workarround.

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