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William Jojo jojowil at hvcc.edu
Thu Sep 28 15:06:12 GMT 2006

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> Hi William,
> > It would be really nice to have some more AIX machines in our
> >
> >> How many? I'm adding 8 more CPUs and 16GB to our 560 Saturday (which is
> >> of many reasons my AIX patches are way behind)
> >
> >> I can create you a .4 entitled VIOC (presented as 2 VCPU with SMT, so 4
> >> logical CPU) with 2 GB memory. How much disk does it need?
> 1GB free disk would be nice, but 2GB memory isn't needed 512MB would do
> it really fine.
> It would be nice to have each production release of AIX in the farm.

Ok, so 512MB it is. How about a 5.2 and 5.3 system? Just need some specifics
on rootpw and any other specifics that are important. I can get those
systems rockin' next week for you. (Gotta find my later 5.2 CD's for virtual
support, but the 5.3 I can do immediately)

> > Btw: the SAMBA_3_0 branch currently fails to build on AIX,
> >> I fixed this a couple of times. :-)  You need "-bbigtoc" anywhere you
> >> linking (shared libs, execs, etc)
> Ah, thanks! I somehow gets lost somewhere in samba3's configure after
> it's added to DYNEXP, I'm debugging this currently.
> >>
> > the problem here is known, the pidl generated files are commited to the
> > svn tree without using --uint-enums and the cc compiler rejects to
> > compile enums with negative values...
> >> Which cc compiler? I'll look it up.
> I don't know, it's AIX 5.2
> but with the --uint-enums flags it build fine on samba4...,
> so we could workarround.

That's a gcc option, correct? and you're compiling with cc?

I'll have to svn the samba_3_0 tree and try it here to get the specifics.



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