[Samba] Re: samba breaks during user authentication after it was updated

John Benjamins john.benjamins at sympatico.ca
Thu Sep 28 01:02:05 GMT 2006

Harry Doyle <harry <at> locals.ca> writes:

> Hello,
> I am running samba on a machine running fedora 5. I did not know the system
> was configured to automatically update the system via cron, and when it put
> the new samba on last night, seems to have broken things. It is coredumping
> now whenever a user tries to authenticate. 
> Our system is set up with user level security which i manage via smbpasswd
> so there are no windows domains involved. The machine has been sitting
> nicely on a subnet with a w2k active directory domain controller which is
> used for something entirely different altogether. The problem started
> happening right after the yum update last night. 
> Sep 27 09:42:30 server smbd[16675]:    #5 /lib/libnsl.so.1(nis_list+0x5d2)
> [0xca4b5f] 
> Sep 27 09:42:30 server smbd[16675]:    #6
> /lib/libnss_nisplus.so.2(_nss_nisplus_setnetgrent+0x8f) [0x45a62e] 
> Sep 27 09:42:30 server smbd[16675]:    #7 /lib/libc.so.6(innetgr+0xb2)
> [0xa6ed05] 
> Sep 27 09:42:30 server smbd[16675]:    #8 smbd(user_in_netgroup+0x65)
> [0x5f81e5] 

Looks like an error in libnss in the netgroup code...

> Smbclient gives me the following: 
> # Smbclient //localhost/Myshare -U username
> Password: 
> tree connect failed: Call returned zero bytes (EOF)

Exactly the error we were seeing

> My workaround has been to set things to share level security with no user
> authentication until i can either fix this problem or install a different
> version of samba and get my existing smb.conf working. Not sure if/how I can
> roll it back so if that's an option then great. 

Ouch, but it works!

> This could have been avoided had i better inspected this system before
> managing it!!
> Thanks for any help/advice,
> Harry

Not sure what your configuration is, but in the /etc/nsswitch.conf file we had:

hosts:      files dns
netgroup:   nisplus

Since we are not using NIS, nisplus, nor netgroups, I commented out the line:

#netgroup:   nisplus

Once I did that I restarted Samba, and now things work again!

Hope this helps,  John

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