[Samba] samba & ACL questions

Graham, David dgraham2 at range.fairview.org
Wed Sep 27 21:13:19 GMT 2006



I seem to have Samba+AD+ACL's working on a RH ES4 server; however, I'm
looking for clarification in regard to how the ACL's differ between
windows and samba... or if they differ?


With windows ACL's, I can give out user permission traverse directory,
but not read its contents. Then I can give said user more permission to
a sub folders contents.  Meaning: I don't want a user to see what is in
\\files1\IS <file:///\\files1\IS>  but I want to give them permissions
to the contents of \\files1\IS\meetingminutes
<file:///\\files1\mamba\meetingminutes>  I cant seem to get this to work
with samba.


I suppose one could always create another share, but it's really not the
ideal solution when this has to be done in many scenarios.


I am running RH ES4, and from my searching for the answer to this, I
recall reading that the Linux POSIX specifications aren't as robust as
NTFS's, would this be correct to assume this is why samba doesn't seem
to be able to use the traverse security permission?



Any insight is appreciated.


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