[Samba] Timestamp issues

tic at tictric.net tic at tictric.net
Wed Sep 27 19:51:57 GMT 2006

Hi folks,

I got a fileserver with debian sarge which is being held up to date as good
 as I can.

I got a machine with two harddrives. One holds kubuntu dapper and one holds
winxp. And then there's more machines but they don't matter at the moment.

On the filserver there's a share _images_ that has a force user/group
 _images_ constraint. Therefore when I save an image to that share owner of
 that file becomes images.images. And that's fine.

When I copy images from my camera to that share from within winxp and the
 help of IrfanView everything is fine. Files get saved with the correct
 user.group and the original timestamp of the file on the camera.

If I attempt to save the same images from within kubuntu where I have my own
user and group settings the k-desktop enironment complains about not being
able to change permissions and the image gets saved with the correct user and
group (images.images) but with the current timestamp of the copying process
and not the original timestamp from the picture shot.

Now, what do I have to do so that I don't have to switch to winxp to save my
images to the _images share_. I just don't understand the problem.

thank you

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