[Samba] Big bug with vfs recycle causing bugs and frequent "Delayed write failure"

Eric PEYREMORTE eric.peyremorte at iut-valence.fr
Wed Sep 27 12:00:43 GMT 2006


I'm running samba 3.0.22 with 2000 and xp clients.
Before upgrading to 3.0.22, i had vfs recycle module running like a charm.
But since i upgraded, i have several errors "delayed write failure" on 
every systems 2000
and XP(every 10 seconds), and netscape 7 can't start anymore! In fact, 
it seems to have a problem
with its lock file.So i tried veto oplocks = *.lock but still doesn't run.
Removing all recycle options in the smb.conf fix the problem.

Here is my smb.conf recycle params :
        #vfs object = recycle
        #recycle:repository = ../../../recycle/%U
        #recycle:touch_mtime = true
        #recycle:maxsize= 40000000
        #recycle:exclude= cookies.* ~$* quotas bookmarks* 
prefs.js.moztmp XUL.mfl lmos.dat OWNER.LOK


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