[Samba] extended ACLs and Samba

Otmar Spoettel otmar.spoettel at gmx.de
Tue Sep 26 11:55:12 GMT 2006


i've a Project share with many subfolders. In this subfolder many user 
have dedicated access rights to single files.

Sometimes a project member change and the new one should get the same 
rights as the old one.

But here is my problem. With the following line i can easy change the 
owner of files:

find /samba/project -user oldid -exec chown newid {} ";"

But i don't know how i can do this with users, they not owner of the 
file, but they have in the extended ACL a user:john:rwx entry

How can i search the complete tree, find all files with a user entry and 
change this from oldid to new id?

I tried somthing with getfacl and setfacl, but i'am to stupid to get it 
to run...



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