[Samba] POSIX ACLs (not Windows)

Chuck Kollars ckollars9 at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 26 02:07:43 GMT 2006

I'm going crazy trying to deal with file and directory
perms set by Samba's attempt to echo Windows ACLs.

I log in directly to my Linux box and tweak ACLs until
they work exactly like I wish them to. But when I then
access those files through Samba, I get
_different_results_, apparently because Samba is
trying awfully hard to emulate Windows. 

How can I tell Samba when handling perms to "forget
Windows compatibility, just do what native POSIX would


(Windows is too weird for me. We only have Windows
workstations because the school administration says we
have to, and we don't use their file permissions at
all [We couldn't even if we wanted to because we don't
bother to run `newsid` after imaging, so lots of our 
machines have the same SID]. I'm very glad my Windows
ACLs via Samba are somehow broken, and I intend to
keep it that way.)

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