[Samba] doubt : Samba error mensage (samba version 2.2)

Paulo Nakaoka nakaoka at ceu.org.br
Mon Sep 25 14:40:27 GMT 2006


Please, I need you a help.

My server has performance problems and lockeds.
I try encounter explains about above error message, but I coudn´t success !
Where may I  encounter explains about them ? :

Error writing 4 bytes to client. -1 (Broke pipe)

Write_socket.data : write failure
Error : Broke pipe

util_sock.c : write-socket

util_sock.c : send_smb

lib/util_sock.c : set_socket options

failed : so set socket option

TCP_NODELAY/Error connect reset by peer

util_sock.c : get_socket_addi

getpeername failed . Errow was Socket is not connected.


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