[Samba] Transfer rates faster than 23MBps?

Mark Smith msmith at customflix.com
Mon Sep 25 15:04:57 GMT 2006

Guenter Kukkukk wrote:
> Hi Doug,
> have you ever tried netio to check for raw needwork speed?
> http://www.ars.de/ars/ars.nsf/docs/netio
> It does not add any overhead caused by file operations - so it
> can help to tune raw parameters.
> The source is included - so it can be tuned, too.
> When sniffing such traffic, also have a look, how tcpi/ip ACK
> packets are used and whether they are send immediately
> or with some delay.

I've used iPerf and been able to show that it is most definitely not a 
networking card problem in my case.  iPerf shows network transfer rates 
of 120MBps.  :)



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