[Samba] Write list problem

James Zuelow James_Zuelow at ci.juneau.ak.us
Fri Sep 22 20:06:58 GMT 2006

> Possibly.  After upgrading all my Debian Sarge systems from 3.0.22 to
> 3.0.23c, I had to replace the "+" with the default "\" to get it to
> work, but I don't think it's a universal problem. Maybe it's a Debian
> thing. Unlike you, valid users worked fine for me.  (My
> biggest headache has been username mapping in a security = ADS

I do not see this behavior on my 3.0.23c Debian installations.

Samba 3.0.23c debs from Samba.org, installed on both Debian Etch
(Testing) and Debian Sarge (Stable)

Both of them use "winbind separator = +"

Valid users also works as expected in my installations, both with domain
users and domain groups specified.

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