[Samba] Write list problem

Ron Garcia-Vidal ghstwrtr at evilgenius.net
Fri Sep 22 16:38:35 GMT 2006

I upgrade my Debian Samba packages from 3.0.14a-1 to 3.0.23c-1.  I
experienced 2 problems, one was that certain shares were locking users
out who were listed in the "Valid users" parameter, but not all shares
were doing this.  I ran across a post that advised changing the
parameter to "users" alone, omitting "valid"  This fixed it, but I'm not
sure why.  WHen did this parameter change and why was it not rejecting
on all the shares.  I could post more configuration info on this if needed.

Now for the unsolved problem.  I have a share in which certain users get
read-only access, and certain other users get r/w access, using the
"write list" parameter.  After the upgrade, everyone was reduced to
read-only access.  Here's the share definition:

comment = Whatever
users="@dana" "@danaread"
read only = yes
force group="dana"
force create mode=0660
force directory mode=0770
write list="@dana"
browseable = no

The box is a member of a domain, security is set to "domain" and it is
authenticating via winbind.  The permissions on the filesystem are set
properly and this share definition was working perfectly under
3.0.14a-1.  I can send log output if needed.  Any ideas?

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