[Samba] RE: Support of Samba on RHEL4?

Alex de Vaal a.vaal at nh-hotels.com
Wed Sep 20 12:26:23 GMT 2006

The only reason I stepped into RHEL4 was the hardware support. I have a new
Dell PE2900 server with SAS drives and for RHL9 no drivers are available, so
I had to step forward to RHEL4 (which is obvious for me).
I have almost 100 Linux servers running with Red Hat Linux 9, you know, the
obsolete version. ;) All these servers are running flawlessly with Samba
3.0.14a from samba.org

I can't remember I ever signed a contract with you to support my servers :-)
However, my opinion is that I the support I receive from samba.org is (up
until now) sufficient for me; if I may quote the patch for W2k3 SP1, that
came out a few hours after the release of SP1.
What took more effort concerning the support of Samba, was the flaw of LDAP
failover with W2k3 DC's. I was banging my head regarding this issue and
entering a bug on bugzilla about this issue didn't help me. I was however
actively involved to tackle that issue and it was solved with a proposed
patch of "my partner in crime".  So I was not only consuming support from
Samba but also contributing support to Samba. :-)

When RHEL5 is released I'll take a look which version of Samba they will use
as default and hopefully this will be one of the latest Samba versions. I
can change at any time the Samba packages from samba.org to the RH Samba
packages, which give me full support from RH then... :-)
Maybe I have to consider CENTOS instead of RHEL4, because I didn't need
RHEL4 for support from Red Hat, I only needed for hardware reasons. 


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Alex de Vaal wrote:

> Is there any technical reason NOT to use the packages of samba.org on 
> RHEL4?

Nope.  No reason at all other than RH support.

> Regarding the above info I'd like to use the original samba packages 
> on RHEL4. If I only void support for Samba at Red Hat, so be it. I'm 
> convinced I'm better off with Samba support at samba.org...

For those with more complex setups that a single PDC or standalone server, I
would agree.  But I'm not signing a contract to support you servers :-)

cheers, jerry

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