[Samba] Windows Application Overriding Samba Settings

andy liebman andyliebman at aol.com
Thu Sep 21 20:35:56 GMT 2006

I have just encountered a strange situation. A new version of a Windows 
application that I use was just released. Unlike previous versions of 
this application, when it writes data to my Samba share, it is setting 
permissions to be 777 on all files and folders. In contrast, previous 
versions of this application set permissions to be 2750 as I specify in 
the "share definition" in my smb.conf file.

In smb.conf, in the share definition I specify:

directory mask = 0750
create mask = 0750

My understanding is that this should LIMIT the maximum permissions that 
can be set for a file or folder created by Windows or a Windows 
application. The file or folder should never be group writable, or even 
accessible by "others".

In addition, I have also played with specifying the following options:

force directory mode = 2040
force create mode = 2040

Until this new version of the Windows application came out, I never had 
any issues. ANY folder or file created by the application always had the 
same permissions:  2750 or 570 (respectively)

But NOW The Windows application seems to be completely getting around 
the limits that I imposed with Samba and Linux. All files and folders 
are getting set as: 0777

I even have the root directory of the share (in which files and folders 
are getting created) set to SGID -- yet Windows is managing to override 
this and is not preserving the SGID on new folders.

Does anybody have a clue what's going on here? How can Windows or a 
Windows Application override my Linux and Samba settings? And is there 
anything I can do about it?


In this case I am running Samba 3.0.13.  The Windows version is XP SP2. 
Please don't suggest that I upgrade to Samba 3.0.2x (unless you know 
that it specifically solves this problem). That is not an option at the 

Thanks in advance for the help.

Andy Liebman

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