[Samba] Creating many subgroups in my domain

Fábio Prando Bortolotto zordybr at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 21 17:12:46 GMT 2006

  Hi Everybody,
   I'm a bit newbie for this solution and the solution will be:

    Samba-3.0.23c (Working with PDC) + OpenLDAP 2.3.27 so far SQUID and CUPS
    In my network I had a Domain call "HEADOFFICE" but I wanna create many 
subgroups for my departments, cause my network has more than 10 departments 
and I wanna subdivide in many subgroups machine.

   I already read the documentation
    but i coudn't find the solution for my challange so far I though the 
best ideia was writing in the samba list.


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