[Samba] winbindd + mod_ntlm_winbind, why do we need "net join ..." ?

Juan Rodriguez juan.fco.rodriguez at gmail.com
Thu Sep 21 10:27:19 GMT 2006


I would like to use NTLM authentication on my Apache2 server, and I've found
out this link which works very well for me,

I'm newbie to samba, and to make this stuff work, I had to execute
"net join -S <DC> -U <Admin>", because winbindd complained about
"did we join ?"... (all of this can be found on man winbindd).

I'm wondering why do you have to exec "net join".
Can't winbindd forward all authentication requests to the domain
controller without doing "nej join" ? Isn't there other options ?

I've checked "Apache2::AuthenNTLM" and this module seems
to be able to authenticate NTLM requests without joining the DC.
Maybe I am wrong, any explanation about all this would be very
useful. I plan to use NTLMv2 and the perl module doesn't do that so
that's the reason I would like to work with mod_ntlm_winbind
(without "net join")

I'm looking forward to your replies. Thanks in advance.


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