[Samba] grant access to a file inside a forbidden directory

Toni Casueps casueps at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 21 08:56:19 GMT 2006

We have a directory where only one person can enter, but there is a file 
inside which needs to be accessed by other people (that person doesn't want 
to put that file in a common directory).

I have found that if I make a hard link to that file it can be accessed, if 
the hard link and the directory where it lies have the right permissions. 
But hard links have a problem, they get "unlinked" when they are written. I 
guess the program that writes it instead of updating the file it creates a 
new one and then deletes the old one, which is the one I linked, so that 
there are two different files after that, and not one. I think a symlink 
wouldn't do this but the symlink can't enter the directory because of the 
I thought of putting that file into a separate subdirectory and linking to 
that directory, but I can't hard link a directory.

Can you think of any other possibilities?

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