[Samba] create_builtin_(administrators|users): Failed to create (Administrators|Users)

Bert van de Grift bert at vdgrift.org
Thu Sep 21 08:43:21 GMT 2006


Since I upgraded Samba from 3.0.23b,1 to 3.0.23c,1 on my FreeBSD
6.2-PRERELEASE system I've the following messages in my logfile:

Sep 20 17:02:46 snoozy smbd[58430]: create_builtin_administrators:
Failed to create Administrators
Sep 20 17:02:46 snoozy smbd[58430]: create_builtin_users: Failed to
create Users

Anybody knows a fix?

Thanks in advance,

Bert van de Grift
GPG Key: http://www.vdgrift.org/0x306DE560.asc
Fingerprint: 3E79 1F71 6699 619E 8BCC  B21A E1ED 76E0 306D E560

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